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5 STRANGEST Things Science Cannot Explain – DoroTV Documentary

Most scientists believe that everything that cannot be explained by logic can be explained by science. Well, almost everything. There are mysteries that leave science scratching their head. Some beliefs and superstitions can actually be true despite science’s best efforts to prove, it is wrong or impossible. We have compiled a list of 5 STRANGEST Things Science Can’t Explain! You defenitely DONT want to miss this! Lers begin!

1. Deja vu

Déjà vu is French and literally means ‘already seen.’ Most people describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something even though someone may be completely unfamiliar with it. For instance, you may be having a conversation with your friends about the latest political topic and suddenly you feel as though you have experienced that specific moment. or maybe you travelled to the Alps and it seems you have been in that exact spot before. There has been psychological research into it, offering naturalistic explanations but the nature of it still remains a mystery.

2. The Taos Hum

In the small city of Taos, New Mexico, some locals and visitors have described a strange and muffled hum in the desert city. The residents who have reported it represent about 2 percent of the population and have been left irritated by the low-frequency hum which some describe as unusual acoustics while the more hysteric residents have boiled it down to a secretive sound serving a sinister purpose. The hum or buzz, depending on who you ask, has yet to be clearly defined as psychological, natural or supernatural and the origin of the sound still puzzles the people who hear it. A survey revealed that those who may have heard it hear a combination of different sounds which may make the experience more subjective than objective.

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